Top 10 Travel Decor Ideas

travel decor

Everybody has a theme when decorating their house or favorite space. If you walk through either of our houses, you will quickly see we both have chosen the ‘travel’ theme. If you are as obsessed with travel and collecting photographs and unique pieces as we are, your house probably looks the same.
We are always on the hunt for new travel decor. So here is a list of some of our favorites to help feed your inner wanderlust.

  1. Scratch off map by Hello World: One of our favorites. Being able to scratch off another country on the ol’ bucket list is a good feeling. This map is crisp with a nice black background so you can clearly see the colorful countries you have been. A definite must!scratch off map
  2. Rice hat from Bali: While trying to travel with this all the way back home to the states was a huge pain in the butt, it was totally worth it! I have hung my rice hat on the wall along with other photographs. Bali was an unforgettable trip and visiting the rice plantations was my favorite part.
    bali rice hat
  3. Handmade gourd bowl made by Sophie’s friend Kalim from California

  4. Gifts from friends from around the world e.g. llama toy from Peru & ceremonial fabric from Japan
  5. Basket from French market: I use this to keep cleaning supplies in to make them look pretty
  6. Huge picture from market in Bali – was very cheap but bought a nice frame to make it look more classy.
  7. Mugs for my coffee obsession: I collect a mug from everywhere I go and also have friends bring them from their travels. I have to have coffee every morning, so love to enjoy it in a mug from somewhere I’ve been or am dreaming of going.mugs from around the globe
  8. Travel definition poster: this is classic and can go anywhere in the definition poster
  9. Compass wall hanging: this handmade compass goes great for your nautical themed house as well or is a perfect addition on your picture collage wall.compass wall hanging
  10. Mountain shelf key rack by Timber Grove Studios: Keeps me from losing my keys and reminds me why I love the mountains so much.mountin key rack

We both like filling our flats with functional items, so as not to clutter the limited space. So when we are travelling, we look for stuff that’s useful, like kitchen items, bowls and mugs found abroad.

Also a huge must is the scratch off map by Hello World. We love being able to scratch a country off the bucket list and be able to see what other countries we need to tackle next.

What are some of your favorite pieces to decorate with?

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