Travel Resources

Traveling with a disability is a learning process. Here are some resources that will help you plan your next trip and hopefully make things easier for you.

Booking Flights

  1. Kayak is my favorite website for finding flights. They compare all other websites, so it is a one stop shop.
  2. The best days of the week to purchase plane tickets is tuesdays and wednesdays.  There are fewer people looking for flights mid week, weekends tend to be the busy time to buy so airlines jack up the prices.


  1. Airbnb. Booking an airbnb has quickly become my favorite type of accommodation to book.  Now a days, it tends to be a lot cheaper than a hotel and there is more space for a wheelchair.  You definitely have to do your research to ensure it is truly accessible.  Airbnb doesn’t require accommodations to be accessible, so keep this in mind. Some people’s idea of ‘accessible’ is not the same as ours. Also, if you are on a budget, you can get groceries and cook to save on food costs!
  2. TripAdvisor. This is my go to travel website for comparing prices on hotels. It also has great information on things to do and places to visit at your destination.


  1. Phoenix Instinct suit case.  This is the perfect suitcase for a wheelchair.  It hooks onto the back of your wheelchair so you can have your hands free to push.  The wheels swivel around so you can turn and even hop curbs!  Size is 118L
  2. Gregory Jade 63L backpack.  I have used this backpack for 10 years and have even leant it to several friends.  I love it because it has a front access zipper so you can easily access your belongings without having to unload everything.

Favorite Travel Essentials

  1. Neutrogena facial wipes.  I always wipe my face with one of these facial wipes half way thru my travel day because traveling always makes me break out, then follow up with the Evian mineral water facial spray.
  2. Evian mineral water facial spray.  This is great to carry on the plane, especially on long travel days.  Planes always do a number on my skin, so this helps to freshen up without having to wash your face.
  3. Nuun electrolyte tablets. Put these tablets in your water while traveling to help keep you hydrated without having to use the bathroom all the time. Great for people that have a hard time using the bathroom on the plane.
  4. International converter set.  This dual-wattage converter set is great for most countries.  I have blown out straighteners before from not having the correct wattage.
  5. Roho travel cushion. This is my go-to cushion. I use it on the plane and take the cover off and use in the shower. It is small enough to fit in my backpack. It is very high quality and lasts years!