Bucket List

Our Adaptive World came about because we both have a desire to explore the world, go on adventures, and help others with disabilities do the same. We realise that traveling with a disability can be intimidating at times, so we want to provide you with resources and videos to help in any way and hopefully inspire you to get out of your comfort zone too!

We have created a bucket list of places and adventurous activities that we want to experience and tick off our ‘list.’ Ever since sustaining our respective injuries, we’ve both found that we want to do more, in spite of our disabilities, to prove to the world that being in a wheelchair isn’t going to hold us back. We’d also like your suggestions of things to do, both agreeing that the riskier and bolder, the better! Some of these we’ve picked for each other, given that we’re on other sides of the Atlantic. We’ll be showing you the preparation, ‘hacks’, and challenges faced along the way.

  1. Go to a cable park on a wakeboard
  2. London Marathon
  3. Go to an outdoor music festival
  4. Surf in Hawaii
  5. Explore Paris from London
  6. Eat some creepy crawlies in Thailand
  7. Go to Notting Hill Carnival
  8. Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  9. Go ATVing in Moab, UT
  10. Downhill mountain bike at a ski area
  11. Hang out with elephants in Southeast Asia
  12. Drive the country side in Scotland
  13. Visit the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  14. Ride a camel in Morocco
  15. Skydive in Switzerland
  16. Safari in Africa