About Sophie

Sophie waterskiing

Me before my injury

In 2011 I was 22 and had recently graduated from Leeds University. I was about to embark on an exciting career in events organising.  In an expected turn of events, I had an accident where I fell 7 metres from a roof terrace. This led to me sustaining a spinal cord injury becoming paralysed from the chest down.


Whilst in hospital undergoing rehabilitation I met the charity, Back Up, who support people with spinal cord injuries. Back Up are a great charity who run a number of services that are a fantastic support to many. One of these are courses where people with spinal cord injuries can go on trips abroad and in the UK to build confidence and independence. One of their courses is a ski trip to Winter Park in Colorado. Previously a keen skier, when I found out about this I applied straight away and was delighted to be accepted to go and learn how to ski again. This experience was completely transformative for me and was a real eye-opener. It showed me the world of infinite possibility for people with disabilities.

Following this I returned to university to train to become a primary school teacher. After this I decided to return to Winter Park for a season to become a proficient skier. I wanted to push myself, both physically and mentally, away from the comforts of home. By the end of the five months I had a new found confidence and passion for adventure. I started racing and was invited to join the British Disabled Ski Team. I have been fortunate to spend much of the last two years at races and training camps in Europe with the team.

Travel and adventure addict

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot both for skiing, but also with friends and family. My experiences have fuelled my enthusiasm to travel and seek adventures. I’m really keen to share my experiences and tips I’ve learn with other people with disabilities to enable them to be equipped to travel as well.

I’m always up for a new adventure or challenge and I love to try and break down the barriers that people sometimes put up in relation to disability. I’ve fundraised for Back Up by doing a skydive and climbed Mount Snowdon (with a little help from a great team!). But it feels like there’s so much more of the world to explore and can’t wait to tick off some more things from my bucket list!