About Beth

Life threw me a giant curve ball in 2011. I was living a pretty amazing life of being a flight attendant, living in a ski town, and travelling the world, when everything changed. While rafting with some friends, we stopped to do some cliff jumping. I jumped 45 ft. and hit the water wrong, breaking my back and paralyzing me from the waist down. I could have sat around feeling sorry for myself, but I knew I wanted to keep living and learning as many new things as possible. So I jumped into cross-country sit skiing and before I knew it I was training for the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi. That was an experience I will never forget, but cross-country wasn’t for me, so after Sochi I switched to alpine ski racing. Unfortunately, it was short lived as I had to have multiple back surgeries within a year. Now I just ski for fun as much as possible!

My life changed in an instant, but my love for travel remained. Travelling in a chair has brought on many challenges, but that’s part of the adventure. I am determined to show the world you can still travel the world and go on crazy adventures, despite your disability.