About Us

Me and Beth skiing on our monoskis

It’s funny how sometimes you meet the right people at the right time in your life. Serendipitous some would say.

Sophie and I met in Winter Park, Colorado through the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Sophie came out to live for the winter from London to learn how to ski properly and Winter Park is my home base. Surrounded by an adaptive ski team of all guys, we clicked immediately, probably because of our mutual love for skiing and the mountains. We share a lot of laughs together, namely making fun of each other’s accents and the language barrier!

How Our Adaptive World came about…

Realising that both of us have a huge desire to go on adventures and travel the world whilst wanting to share our knowledge and experiences with other people, we decided to start a blog as a resource for people travelling with disabilities. We realize how scary travel and getting out of your comfort zone can be, so we want to help people have a better understanding of what they are walking (or wheeling) into.

We both found that knowledge was invaluable when we started travelling, so we want to share what we’ve learned – the good, the bad and the ugly! I remember not really knowing where to start when I went on my first trip abroad, so definitely saw the need for a resource like this.

We are slowly chipping away at as many countries as we can, providing useful tips and information to help you along the way. It definitely takes a bit of extra planning, amazing friends or family to carry us up stairs at times, but anything is possible.

We were both dealt a card we weren’t expecting, but we don’t want it to define us or limit us from exploring the world. We both planned on doing this on two feet, now we are just doing it on wheels!